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Spay Your Dog Before Her First Heat, Not After

Spay Your Dog Before Her First Heat, Not After

January 17th

Pet owners have been spreading misinformation about this for a while, and it could be to the detriment of their dog’s health.

For some unknown reason, a lot of pet owners think that their animal has to have their first heat before they get spayed. This simply isn’t the case. In this article, we’re going to look at a few issues associated with waiting until you spay your pet, along with some of the benefits from doing it early.

To Spay or Not to Spay

Actually, not getting your dog spayed early can increase its risk of tumors. Not only that, but your dog can still get pregnant before its first heat, despite most people thinking they can’t.

Spaying pets has become an important part of pet culture across the country. As you’re probably already aware, spaying has a number of health benefits for female pets, like the prevention of diseases. Spayed females will have less desire to roam and also won’t produce the heat cycles that attract male dogs. Risk of tumors and other diseases will also be greatly reduced.

For male dogs, neutering also reduces the risk of a number of diseases and makes the desire to roam a lot lower (preventing injury or loss). It also reduces aggressive behavior and overpopulation from unwanted litters. While our breeds are dogs with some of the best temperaments around, you still need to be careful.

And for society as a whole, spaying and neutering helps limit pet overpopulation, along with reducing our need for animal shelters and a host of other issues that comes with having too many unwanted, abandoned, or unloved dogs and cats.

Spay Sooner Rather Than Later

There’s been a lot of debate about the right time to spay your dog, but the reality is that many people are simply leaving it off for a bit too long.

At Uptown Puppies, all of our dogs are bred and raised with our pups’ best interests in mind. If you use our puppy finder, you’ll find that spaying or neutering your puppy is mandatory to receive the full benefits of our health guarantee.

If you think that you need to wait for your dog’s first heat before you spay it, think again. Spaying early is a great idea, as you’ll cut out this sort of unwanted behavior as soon as possible.

Spay your pup today for their benefit and yours, and save yourself the headache down the line.

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