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12 Dog Breeds With Best Temperament

12 Dog Breeds With Best Temperament

October 9th

Are you sociable? Most extroverts can’t stand the thought of being home alone, so they might get a dog to fight off the feeling of loneliness.

We all know the story. A girl meets a boy in the park and they bond over a cute puppy. Well, even if improving your love life isn’t on your agenda, a friendly dog can brighten up your days and bring new social experiences.

If you’re looking for an amiable companion, who will be happy to mingle and socialize by your side, here are the dog breeds to consider:

1. Australian Labradoodles
These dogs are a pleasure to be around. Some are playful and can’t sit still, others are calm and relaxed. Yet, multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are famous people pleasers. Their personality is lively, outgoing and they thrive on new acquaintances and experiences.

2. Goldendoodles
Since Goldendoodles are a mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle, it’s no wonder they are extremely intelligent, friendly and affectionate. They love fun activities and are always open to new friends.

3. Golden Retriever
Despite their noble appearance, Goldens are always up for a huge party. They love to run with kids, play with adults and socialize with other dogs. They are also open to strangers and can’t hold the grudge for too long.

4. Standard Poodle
This breed is probably the first one that comes to mind when talking about friendly dogs. But don’t let their cute appearance fool you. Puddles are very intelligent and loyal dogs, that will put every effort to make you and others comfortable.

5. Boston Terrier
It’s unlikely that your Boston Terrier will tolerate long conversations over coffee, but he will happily play with total strangers in the park. This is an active breed, that needs lots of space and plenty of physical activity. Yet, they are happy to flex their muscles alongside others.

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavaliers like to lie all day in the sun and have food and water brought to them. This is a perfect dog breed for new parents or someone who prefers slow-paced lifestyle. Whether it’s a two-hour brunch or a birthday party, you can be sure to find Cavaliers in the exact spot where you left them, calmly accepting all the attention.

7. Boxer
Despite their formidable appearance, boxers are one of the friendly dog breeds. People don’t tend to shower Boxers with love, but these intimidating creatures can’t resist affectionate strokes and fun games.

8. Beagle
This middle size breed makes for a loving companion. They also easily accept strangers and enjoy playing with kids. Take them to the park and you will, undoubtedly, get a lot of attention from the ladies.

9. English Bulldog
Have you ever seen a bulldog energetically pacing around the yard and chasing pigeons? This would be a sight to behold because unfortunately, bulldogs are lazy clowns who love the couch living lifestyle. But while they might not be the best morning run partner, they are kind to kids and total strangers.

10. Labrador Retriever
Perhaps, one of the most active breeds, Labradors live for long walks in the park, morning runs and the all-time favorite game of fetch. And they will be equally happy to play with your visiting foreign cousin as they are with you.

11. Pug
Want to make your dog an Instagram star? Pugs love attention and will patiently pose for that perfect Instagram shot next to your girlfriends, family members, and even total strangers. They are cute, small dogs that you can take to the most crowded social events.

12. Welsh Corgis
With the fox-like appearance, these dogs feel most comfortable in the middle of vast green fields where they can fool around and run all day long. Corgis’s extremely social personality shines around people and other dogs.

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