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The Fastest Way to Detangle Doodle Mats

The Fastest Way to Detangle Doodle Mats

February 26th

One of the best parts of your Doodle is that fluffy fur. But all of that fluff comes with a downside: matted hair.

This can cause your pouch some serious discomfort, and lead to all sorts of things getting trapped in their fur.

Here, we’ll show how you can easily keep your Doodle’s fur tangle free.

Brush Up

The first step in keep your Doodle’s fur from getting matted is brushing. For most dogs, this will be enough to keep their fur in great condition and avoid tangles.

It’s important that you do this frequently. It may be a hassle, but proper grooming is key to keeping your pup’s fur in good condition, and will save you a lot of trouble down the road. Try to brush around 3-5 times per week if your dog has long hair. If their coat is short, 1-2 times per week should be enough.

Here are some of the tools you’ll need:

Slicker brush

Nothing fancy needed here. Just a good quality brush with thin wires should be enough to untangle most messy mats in your dog’s fur


This will come in handy when you encounter a mat that just won’t budge. Make sure you get one that’s well built with long teeth, so that it can stand up to even the thickest mats. A comb can irritate your pup’s skin if your not careful, so try not to use too much force when pressing down

Undercoat rake

This is an excellent tool if you have a breed that has a coat that is a mix of long and short hair. It will help you get to the fur that a normal brush might often miss, so you can reach even the smallest mats

Mat splitter

Sometimes you need a more specialized tool. A mat splitter can help you pull out those especially tricky tangles in your pup’s fur. Just be careful, as it can be sharp and cut your puppy if you pull too hard or in the direction of their body

Call A Professional Groomer

Still have plenty of tangles in your Doodle’s fur? Put away the scissors. What you need is professional help.

A skilled groomer may be able to straighten things out. If not, they may recommend a shave. Although cutting off your pouches luscious locks may seem tragic, remember, it always grows back.

And if you don’t yet have a happy doodle, check out our puppy finder page to find the perfect pooch.

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