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May 6th

The Secret to Harmony Between Your Cavapoo Pup and Older Dog

The Secret to Harmony Between Your Cavapoo Pup and Older Dog

Dogs can bring joy to just about any home. And many dog owners think that adding a new Cavapoo to their family is an excellent way to bring even more happiness to their home.

But a second dog may cause some tension with your older dog. Many dogs may feel threatened by a new puppy, and feel that their territory is under siege. They may even act out aggressively, putting your puppy’s health at risk.

It can take time for your new puppy and older dog to form a bond. It’s not a process that you should try to rush. However, there are some steps you can take to facilitate the bonding process.

Here, we’ll walk you through what you can do to help your older dog bond with your new Cavapoo puppy. It may take time, but eventually your dogs will be best pals.

Let The Older Dog Take The Lead

When you bring a new Cavapoo puppy home, it’s important that you don’t let them overwhelm your older dog with their energy. Try to go at the pace of the older dog.

Older dogs just won’t have as much energy as their new young companion. Your Cavapoo puppy’s energy may be infectious for you, but it could just irritate your older dog. Your older dog may react by simply walking away. But they may also show their frustration by acting aggressively toward your new Cavapoo puppy.

Use A Crate To Keep The Puppy Away From The Older Dog

You may not be able to get enough of your new puppy. But your older dog may get tired of them, especially if they never have their own space.

Use a crate to keep your Cavapoo puppy away from your older dog. This allows you to control how much time they spend together and will keep your puppy from overwhelming the older dog.

Slowly increase the amount of time that the dogs spend together. If you notice that the older dog is getting frustrated, take your puppy away before the older dog begins to get frustrated.

You can also use the crate to designate space for the puppy. This will help prevent your older dog from feeling like their territory is under siege from the new puppy. Try to set up a room that is just for the puppy, and leave the rest of the house to your older dog.

Always Keep In Mind That Dogs Organize In Packs

Dogs are some of the cutest animals out there, so it can be easy to forget that they organize themselves into packs. The leader of the pack expects respect from the others, and may act aggressive if they feel that their position is under threat.

When you bring a new puppy into the house, your older dog may try to show the puppy who’s boss and push their weight around. In some cases, this behavior might just be a form of mild bullying. But in more severe cases, your older dog may show aggression toward your new puppy.

When you first introduce the dogs, keep them on leashes in case the older dog decides to lash out. And remember that it can take time for the puppy to learn their role in the pack, and for the older dog to accept them.

Introduce Them By Smell

You’ve probably noticed that dogs use their nose a lot. Dogs use scents as a way of identifying other dogs, which is why they sniff each other’s butts the first time they meet.

You can use the power of scents to your advantage when you’re introducing a Cavapoo puppy to an older dog. Try to get a blanket that has been used by the Cavapoo and give it to the older dog.

This will help the older dog get used to the scent of the new puppy. When they finally meet, the older dog will recognize the puppy’s scent, and may not feel as threatened.

Find The Perfect New Cavapoo Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home to an older dog is a lot easier with the right puppy. Head over to our puppy finder page and you’ll find your dog the perfect Cavapoo companion.

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