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Top Questions Every Cavapoo Owner Needs to Ask Their Vet

Top Questions Every Cavapoo Owner Needs to Ask Their Vet

Once your new Cavapoo puppy is settled at home, you’re going to have to think about their healthcare. Finding a good vet can take time, as there are many providers, not all of them offering high quality care.

Questions You Should Ask Your Cavapoo’s Vet

When you’ve picked out the perfect vet, you should make sure to prepare for your Cavapoo’s first visit. Prepare a list of questions on your dog’s health. Here are some questions that you should ask the vet about your Cavapoo.

What procedures can be performed at the vet’s office?

Vet offices will vary in the services that they offer. Some vets who work at larger animal hospitals will be able to do just about everything onsite. However, many vets work in smaller offices with limited capabilities.

Make sure you know exactly what your vet can do, and when you’ll need a referral to an outside veterinary provider.

When do they offer emergency care?

You may not want to think about it, but emergencies can happen with your Cavapoo, so it’s best to be prepared. Ask your vet about the emergency services provided by their office. Not all vets will provide emergency care, or they may offer it during business hours.

If your vet’s office does not offer around the clock care, make sure that they refer you to another vet that can take care of your Cavapoo if an emergency comes up.

Which vaccines does your Cavapoo need?

When you go to the vet for the first time, they’ll check that your puppy is up to date on all vaccinations. Some vaccines will be required for all dogs, such as distemper, canine parvovirus-2, and rabies.

Your Cavapoo may need additional vaccinations depending on where you live, so make sure you ask your vet about any vaccines that they may be missing.

What parasites affect dogs in your area?

Your Cavapoo will also be dewormed when they visit the vet for the first time. Ask your vet about other parasites that could infect your dog. These will vary widely by area, and can present with a wide range of symptoms. Also ask about other steps you can take to protect your dog from parasites.

What about flea and tick medication?

Even Cavapoos that live in the city should get protection from fleas and ticks. Your vet can help you pick from the many different flea and tick medications to find one that is right for your Cavapoo.

Do they accept pet insurance?

Many Cavapoo owners use pet insurance in case of an emergency or chronic health condition. But not all vets will be willing to work with pet insurance companies.

Speak to your vet about pet insurance, and ask if there are any insurance companies that they will work with.

How much should your Cavapoo weigh?

When you visit the vet, they will weigh your Cavapoo so that they can keep track of their growth. Not every Cavapoo will be the same weight, and your vet can help make sure that they are growing at an appropriate pace.

And if they are over or under weight, your vet and help make adjustments to their diet.

What food should you be giving your Cavapoo?

There are many different dog foods out there that are designed for puppies. But you need to be careful when choosing a dog food. Many of them use low quality proteins and fillers.

Speak to your vet about the best options for your Cavapoo’s food. They can help you find the right food for your dog, and for your budget. And they can help you devise a feeding schedule for your Cavapoo.

How often should your Cavapoo visit the office?

Your vet will want to keep seeing your Cavapoo to check their health and growth. See how often your vet wants you to come in with your dog and set up a time table. You should also ask about vaccination schedules.

When should you spay or neuter your Cavapoo?

Nearly every vet will recommend that you spay or neuter your Cavapoo. Check with your vet about when they want to perform the procedure.

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