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5 Reasons People Love Doodle Coats

5 Reasons People Love Doodle Coats

People are going crazy about Doodles, and for good reason.

Besides being fun, smart and friendly, Doodles have a lot to offer owners with the near-magical properties of their coats. Labradoodles coat types can vary in color and length, but they all have these magical qualities in common.

But it’s not magic—just outstanding breeding. Come see why everyone loves Doodle coats, and why you will too!

1. Doodles coats are hypoallergenic

One of the big reasons Doodles have started becoming so darn popular is that they’re totally hypoallergenic, soothing the symptoms of even the worst dog allergy sufferers.

For some people, Doodles are the first dog they’ve ever owned that didn’t trigger a sneezing or coughing fit in seconds.

If you suffer from animal fur allergies and wish you wouldn’t tear up every time you want to play with the pooch, there’s finally a breed of dog for you. Uptown Puppies breed dogs with coat types that have a fantastic success rate with people who have allergies and asthma, and that’s something we can all smile about.

2. Doodles coats don’t shed

Doodle coats stay put on your Doodle, and not on your coat…or sofa…or carpet…and everything else.

Even for the biggest dog-lovers in the world, shedding is a huge pain that often can’t be avoided. The fact is, many dogs DO shed and there’s nothing you can do about it. You wind up with people who just want to avoid tumbleweeds of hair rolling around the house who become severely limited in their choice of dog breeds.

Luckily, Uptown Doodles do NOT shed. Still, you might have read that yes, Labradoodles do shed their hair. So what makes Uptown Labradoodles so special?

3. Doodle coats aren’t really “hair”

True, some Doodle types shed. But that’s because their coats are made of your typical dog hair, while multigenerational Australian Labradoodle coats come in two main types—fleece and wool.

There are some variations among breeders even among fleece and wool coats, with some being softer or more wiry or fluffier—what’s important is choosing a Doodle with one of these wool or fleece coats and not one with a typical hair coat.

Many breeders struggle with bringing out and maintaining the best hair genes across their litters, so if you’re after that signature Doodle coat it’s best that you do your homework before choosing a breeder.

4. Doodle coats are super soft

When you hear that Doodles are covered in fleece or wool, the first image that pops into your head is probably a soft, cuddly lamb or a warm, comfy blanket.

Well, that’s exactly what you get with an Australian Labradoodle—a dog that’s way better than a stuffed animal or a big, soft pillow.

It’s been shown that petting dogs is therapeutic and stress-relieving, and that goes double for petting Doodles decked out in their silky coats.

5. Doodle coats come in tons of colors

At Uptown Puppies, we breed pups in tons of colors. Some of them are super rare, and you might not have seen them before! They are:

  • Caramel: The color of real caramel. May range in tones from more gold to more red. Will have “Rose” pigmentation, including dark amber to pale hazel-green eyes, liver nose/eye rims/lips.
  • Chocolate: True chocolates are usually born a dark, deep shade of chocolate-to almost-black. They will maintain a rich chocolate color throughout their life. Eyes may range in color from dark amber to pale hazel-green. ‘Rose’ pigmentation, including liver nose/eye rims/lips.
  • Cream: This color may vary widely in shade, but will be a ‘warm’ cream tone. May have tinting of gold/apricot. Nose pigment may be black or rose.
  • Gold/Apricot: The color name ‘apricot’ came about because the standard for this color calls for a resemblance to the inside of a ripe apricot, to varying shades of gold. Pigment for the nose is black.
  • Chalk: A white appearance, with a cool or chalky hue. (As opposed to the warmer tones of a cream.) Nose pigment may be black or rose.
  • Parchment: A creamy chocolate-beige color. Parchment may be described as a cup of coffee with cream added. Puppies start out a milk chocolate color and will lighten to a parchment shade over time. Nose pigment will be rose.
  • Red: A true red will be rich and dark in color, evenly toned to the root. Nose colors black, with brown eyes.
  • Cafe: This color may range from beige to a light milk chocolate, and will develop within the first 1-3 years. Nose will be rose, with dark amber to pale hazel green eyes.
  • Black: Black Labradoodles should be solid in color with no sprinklings of other colors throughout the coat. Their pigment color should be black, with dark brown eyes.
  • Silver: This coat starts out black, and develops silver tones over the first 1-3 years. Color may range from light pewter to dark charcoal. The color will ideally be solid, but may have some layering of color in the coat. Will have dark brown eyes, and a black nose.
  • Lavender: Begins as a chocolate color, and develops into a beautiful smoky lavender-chocolate, which gives off a pink to lilac hue.
  • Parti: A parti coat will be at least 50% white, with spots or patch of any other solid color. Nose and other pigmentation to match the solid color.
  • Abstract: Similar to a parti coat, but with less than 50% white.
  • Phantom: The unique, beautiful phantom coat will have a solid base color with well-defined markings of a second color. May be any combination of colors. Nose and other pigmentation to match the solid base color.

Hopefully that’s enough variety for you ; )

Doodle coats are the total package

Hypoallergenic, non-shedding, luxuriously soft, and more colors than a box of crayons…what’s not to love about Doodle coats?

The perfect puppy is waiting for you—check out our available litters to see just how cool these coats really are!

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