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Creating the Perfect Doodle with Selective Breeding

Creating the Perfect Doodle with Selective Breeding

Want to know how the best dog breeders manage to deliver healthy pups with great personalities litter after litter?

The answer lies in selective breeding, and it’s the same method we use to breed the best Labradoodles on the planet. Read on to find out how!

What is selective breeding?

Selective breeding (also called artificial selection) is a method used to create new plants and animals with specific characteristics. Artificial selection is the opposite of natural selection, where organisms adapt to environmental pressures on their own.

Selective breeding is what allows us to grow bigger strawberries, hardier corn, and of course…cuter dogs.

Selective breeding for dogs

Selective breeding isn’t a new phenomenon—it’s actually what allowed humans to domesticate dogs in the first place, more than 14,000 years ago!

Since then, selective breeding has created a huge array of dog breeds. There are dogs adept at retrieving birds, herding sheep, sniffing out truffles, and guarding our homes. There are dogs bred to be very big and dogs bred to be very small. Over those thousands of years, we’ve also become very, very good at selective breeding.

Breeding multigenerational Australian Labradoodles

With dog breeds already existing to fulfill so many roles, it might be easy to assume there’s no more room for improvement or creativity. Enter the Labradoodle…

One of the more recent niches filled by dogs is the role of a service animal for the disabled. Creating the ultimate service dog presented a new challenge for breeders, one that was solved a few decades ago with the first litter of Australian Labradoodles.

Australian Labradoodles were bred from a stock of six parent breeds, meaning they were chosen specifically for very unique traits. When combined, those traits made Labradoodles the ideal service animal—hypoallergenic with a totally non-shedding coat, extremely obedient and intelligent, and amazingly friendly.

The same traits that made (and make) Aussie Doodles one of the best service dogs also happen to make them some of the best dogs for anyone, period.

How Uptown breeds the perfect Labradoodle

We fell in love with Labradoodles more than a decade ago, and quickly realized that with a little work we could make Labradoodles shine even brighter than ever.

Over the past ten years, we’ve utilized selective breeding to make sure our dogs are even cuter, smarter and friendlier than your typical Doodle.

We’ve perfected Doodle breeding to create boxier faces less reminiscent of a Poodle and distinctly “Doodle.” We’ve steadily taken the pups with the best personalities as parents for each new generation of Doodles. And we’ve done all of that while bringing out unique color combinations and markings that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Uptown Labradoodles are truly special dogs, and that’s all due to selective breeding.

Making the best selection

In the same tradition as the countless dog breeders who came before us, Uptown Puppies has taken an already-incredible breed and perfected it.

Our Doodles are cuter, smarter, and just way more fun. Sometimes it pays to be a little picky.

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