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11 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew About CBD Oil

11 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew About CBD Oil

January 14th

“Can my dog get high from CBD oil?”

We’ve received this question thousands of times, and it’s clear that there are still tons of misconceptions about CBD oil.

Hint: Your dog can’t get high from our CBD oil.

Today we’ll cover 11 of the biggest things your dog wants you to know about CBD oil, and why this amazing compound isn’t just a fad, but a revolution for the health and wellness of your pet.

1. CBD Oil Is NOT Psychoactive

For the thousands of folks stumbling across this post searching for terms like “can dogs get high” or “what happens when dogs get high,” the simple answer is that CBD oil is not psychoactive and it will NOT get your dog high.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a compound found in both cannabis and hemp. THC, on the other hand, stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and is found only in cannabis. Think of it like this—CBD offers the benefits without the THC, meaning your dog will feel relaxed without the intoxication of pot.

2. CBD Oil Can Reduce Anxiety

Countless pups suffer from noise phobias and separation anxiety—luckily, CBD oil has been studied extensively as for its stress-relieving properties. We’ve even written an entire post on the subject!

In humans, CBD oil studies have linked CBD to treating anxiety brought on by public speaking, those with chronic anxiety, and even those who suffer from occasional bouts of acute anxiety.

Besides that, CBD oil may even help those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders and panic disorders!

3. CBD Oil May Treat Epilepsy and Seizures

Somewhere around 5% of dogs can suffer from seizures, and most of these dogs are put on medications like potassium bromide and phenobarbital to help control their symptoms.

While these drugs can certainly help, they aren’t 100% effective—and there’s no denying the potential harm they can cause to your pet’s internal organs.

CBD oil has been studied for its effects on epilepsy, with one study finding that 7 of 8 patients suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy showed definite improvement after undergoing CBD treatment.

For more info, take a look at our post on CBD oil’s effect on canine epilepsy.

4. CBD Oil May Fight Cancer

We’ve written an entire post on CBD oil and cancer, which you can find here.

CBD oil and other hemp-derived substances display an anti-tumor effect, stopping cancerous cells from growing and increasing the death rate of tumor cells. Besides that, CBD may:

  • Help the immune system cause cancer cell death through the body’s natural killer cells
  • Kill cancer cells by blocking their means of energy production
  • Slow glioma cell growth
  • Increase efficacy of conventional cancer treatments

CBD is some powerful stuff!

5. CBD Oil May Help Treat Pain

CBD is so effective at treating pain that some scientists are considering it a new class of drug for chronic pain treatment.

Other studies have shown that CBD can also be effective for decreasing nerve pain, inflammation in the pancreas and intestines, as well as the reducing the impact inflammation can have on aging and degeneration.

6. CBD Oil May Reduce Chronic Inflammation, Arthritis, and Treat Autoimmune Diseases

CBD oil has been shown to decrease the release and production of cytokines that can trigger allergies, autoimmunity and hypersensitivity.

Studies have shown that CBD oil can even inhibit the production of macrophages that can cause chronic inflammation, and the compound even acts as an antioxidant that’s more powerful than Vitamin C and E!

And for information on treating your dog’s arthritis with CBD extract, take a look at one of our recent posts on the subject.

7. CBD Can Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Studies in animals have shown that CBD oil can help prevent colitis and restore normal motility in animals suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. CBD even displays antibiotic properties against some of the most stubborn drug-resistant bacteria, like Staphylococcus aureus.

8. CBD Can Shield the Nervous System from Degenerative Diseases

CBD oil shows a lot of promise for dogs suffering from nerve and spine issues like myelopathy. The oil has been used in studies on Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and may protect brain cells from toxicity.

In older dogs, CBD oil has been shown to shield the brain from premature cell death caused by toxins and harmful free radicals.

9. CBD Oil May Promote Cardiovascular Health

Studies have linked CBD oil to heart health, indicating that the compound can heal damaged blood vessels, protect blood vessels from damage by dilating the arteries, and reduce blood pressure and heart rate brought on by anxiety and stress.

10. CBD Oil May Increase Appetite and Soothe Nausea

Is your pup a picky or infrequent eater? CBD oil could help!

In animal studies, CBD oil has been linked to reduced nausea and vomiting, and the National Cancer Institute has reported that CBD can increase appetite.

11. CBD Oil for Dogs is Safe and Legal

With an incredible amount of studies concluded or in progress, perhaps one of the most reassuring benefits of CBD oil is that it appears to be overwhelmingly safe for both humans and our canine friends, even when used in high doses or taken for long periods of time.

From people asking “is weed good for dogs” or “can dogs eat hemp” or “is cannabis toxic to dogs,” we have something important to tell you:

Because Uptown’s CBD oil is derived from hemp (and not cannabis), our CBD oil contains no psychoactive THC. There’s no high, period.

With potential benefits ranging from relaxation to treating life-threatening diseases, it’s clear why so many dog-lovers are incorporating CBD oil into their pet’s healthcare routine. And when nothing but the best CBD oil will do for your Doodle, we deliver.

Whether your pup happens to be a Labradoodle, a Goldendoodle, or something else entirely, take a peek at our premium CBD oil and find out just what your dog has been dying to tell you.

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