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How are Australian Labradoodles Different than F1B’s?

How are Australian Labradoodles Different than F1B’s?

June 9th

Many first-time ‘Doodle buyers are confused about the terminology. There are several varieties of Labradoodle, and the differences aren’t always easy to understand.

In this article, we’ll explain the difference between “standard” Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles to help make this process of finding your new best friend a whole lot easier.

What makes a Labradoodle?

First of all, your “standard” Labradoodle has quite a few names, which can all be used interchangeably—they simply refer to dogs whose parents were a poodle and Labrador retriever:

  • American Labradoodles
  • British Labradoodles
  • Early Generation Labradoodles
  • Labradoodle Origin

These dogs are first-generation Labradoodles, which can be bred to create second-generation Labradoodles, third-generation, so on and so forth. The key takeaway here is that all of these dogs come from a lineage solely made up of poodles and Labrador retrievers.

So what about Australian Labradoodles?

Australian Labradoodles are totally different—these dogs have been bred for decades, and their lineage is more complex.

Australian Labradoodles are a cross between six different parent breeds:

  • Labradors
  • Poodles
  • English Cocker Spaniels
  • American Cocker Spaniels
  • Curly Coat Retrievers
  • Irish Water Spaniels

But do the added breeds make any difference in behavior?

Australian Labradoodles Versus Labradoodles

With early-generation Labradoodles coming either directly from poodle/lab parents or other early-generation Labradoodles, consistency can be an issue. Puppies come in considerably different sizes, temperaments, and coat types.

As litters head into second and third generations, genetic variance continues, which can amplify negative, undesirable traits—which might not manifest until you’ve brought your new puppy home.

Conversely, Australian Labradoodles have been bred for many generations. By now, physical and personality traits become predictable. Patterns emerge. After breeding these dogs for so many generations, they’ve become more like a standard breed than a novelty hybrid.

First of all, some Labradoodles DO shed. Although many are hypoallergenic, the variance we were talking about earlier can cause an over-expression of Labrador traits—and remember, labs shed!

On the other hand, Australian Labradoodles usually do NOT shed, and are the perfect choice for dog-lovers with allergies.

The other issue with variance in early-generation Labradoodles is temperament. Labradoodles tend to be hyperactive, which is simply too much for a lot of families. Hyperactive dogs require almost constant attention and exercise.

On the flip-side, Australian Labradoodles are much calmer. That’s not to say they’re lazy, though! It just means they won’t tear up your house when they get bored.

Australian Labradoodles are sharp as a whip, super easy to train, and the best jogging buddy you could ever ask for.

Should you buy an Australian Labradoodle?

After weighing the pros and cons of both early-generation and Australian Labradoodles, it was a no-brainer for us to start breeding the Aussie variety.

We know tons of families with awesome Labradoodles, but we value the consistency and stability of Australian Labradoodles. When we introduce one of our dogs to a new family, we want peace of mind that our customers are making the safest, smartest choice they can.

That’s why we prefer Australian Labradoodles from legitimate certified Australian labradoodle breeders (hint like us!), and why we think you will, too.

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