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August 12th

Dog Owners, Do You Let Your Pooch Sniff Enough on Your Daily Walks?

Dog Owners, Do You Let Your Pooch Sniff Enough on Your Daily Walks?

Dogs are curious animals that need a lot of stimulation. If your dog isn’t allowed to explore, they may start to get bored. And a bored dog can be a lot of trouble.

With a powerful sense of smell and taste, dogs use their nose and mouth to explore the world around them.

Many people get frustrated while walking their dog, annoyed that they have to stop every 10 feet to let them smell a bush. But it’s important that you allow your dog to make the most of their strong sense of smell.

One Nose To Smell It All

Dogs have some of the most powerful noses in the animal kingdom. This is why they’ve long been used as hunting and drug dogs, as they can track even the faintest scent.

In addition to their sensitive nose, dogs also have an incredible memory for scents. Have you wondered why your dog likes to go up and sniff another dog’s butt? That’s because they use the scent as a marker. Humans remember faces, and dogs remember scents.

Why Your Dog Needs To Work Out Their Nose

Smells make up a large part of a dog’s world. Just like a lot of humans need to read or listen to music to stay sharp, dogs need to use their nose to stay stimulated.

A lot of people try to rush their way through walks. Maybe they believe that walking fast will do more to stimulate their dog. Or maybe they’re just trying to save time.

But quick, fast walks on a short leash are not the best type of exercise for dogs. Walks are about more than just getting your dog’s heart rate up. You also want to stimulate their mind as well.

If you can, take your dog on walks in less crowded areas where they can be on a long leash. Take your time and let your dog explore, following their nose wherever it leads them. This type of walk is much more stimulating for dogs, allowing them to make choices for themselves.

Sniffing Makes Your Dog Happier

Dogs tend to be much happier when they’re allowed to explore and track down scents. It helps them relax, stay engaged with the world around them, and burn off energy.

Working out their nose also tires out dogs quickly. It takes a lot of brain power to process that much information on scents, which means even a short, smell filled walk can tire out a dog.

By letting your dog work out their nose, they’ll blow off steam and be less restless at the end of the day. This can prevent aggressive and destructive behavior, and can also help your dog sleep better.

Dogs Communicate Through Scents

As we mentioned, dogs use scents as a way of placing other dogs. They don’t just enjoy sniffing butts. They use the information provided by the scent to remember individual dogs and learn more about them.

Have you wondered why your dog stops so often along the road to smell random objects? It’s often because another dog has recently been there, and they want to see what’s going on. By letting your dog explore the neighborhood with their nose, they’ll be able to build up a scent memory of all the dogs in the area.

Dogs can also use their nose to navigate tough social situations. If they’re playing with another dog and tensions begin to rise, butt sniffing is a great way of telling the dog that they mean no harm.

Activities That Work Out Your Dog’s Nose

Although walks are one of the best ways to stimulate your dog, there are plenty of other options for working out their nose.

Searching For Food

Dogs love to eat. But they also enjoy searching for food, as it gives them quite the mental workout.

We don’t recommend letting your dog hung their own food. But you can simulate wild foraging by placing some treats or kibble around the yard. Your dog will have to use their nose to track down their meal, keeping them engaged both physically and mentally.

Just make sure you don’t feed your dog a big meal before foraging, as they will be less likely to bother searching for food.

Dog Parks

Dog parks can be a mixed bag. Some dogs love them and have the time of their life, while others just get anxious.

If your puppy enjoys dog parks and socialization, they’re a great place to get a nose workout. There will be a whole new world of smells every time you visit, keeping your dog stimulated and engaged. They also get to socialize, which is a great way of boosting a dog’s mood.

Just beware that dog parks can be a bit over stimulating. So many smells in one place can be confusing, so you may need to keep your visit short or go at a less busy time to avoid overwhelming your dog.

Scent Classes

If you’re looking for an even more challenging nose workout for your dog, you can always try a scent class. These classes can be tough, but they’re a great way of engaging your dog and building a strong bond.

What’s a scent class? Your dog will learn how to track particular smells. Once they find the source of the scent, they then report back to you.

Even if you don’t plan on taking your dog hunting or having them work as a rescue dog, scent classes are a fun and challenging way of stimulating your dog. You can also do some scent training at home.

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