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What Maltipoo Owners Wish They Knew Before Their First Vet Visit

What Maltipoo Owners Wish They Knew Before Their First Vet Visit

Once your Maltipoo is settled in their new home, it’s time to take them to the vet. But before you take them to their first checkup, you need to do some research.

There are a lot of vets out there, some of which may not be the best fit for your dog. Ask family and friends for recommendations, and look at reviews online. You can also visit a few before choosing your vet.

Make sure to schedule a visit as soon as possible, as it can take a while to get an appointment. Once you’ve found the right vet, you should make sure to prepare for the visit. Here are some questions you should ask.

What vaccinations does your Maltipoo need?

Just about every dog needs to receive a distemper, rabies, canine parvovirus, and adenovirus vaccine. However, your puppy may have already received some vaccinations.

Make sure to get full vaccination records from the breeder and have the vet look through them. They may recommend additional vaccines, depending on where you live and your dog’s lifestyle. These vaccines may include Lyme disease and Bordetella.

What services does the vet offer?

Not all vet offices will offer the same range of services. Check with your vet to see what procedures they can perform. They may have to give you a referral to another vet if your dog needs more intensive care.

Do they offer emergency services? What are the hours?

Accidents happen, and you should have a vet lined up if you need to take your Maltipoo in for emergency care. Ask your vet about the emergency care they offer, and check the hours that they are open.

Many vet offices will not offer emergency care 24/7, so ask for a nearby animal hospital where you can take your dog in case of an emergency.

What type of flea and tick medication should they take?

There are a number of tick and flea medications, and the right one for your dog may depend on where you live. Ask your vet about which medications your dog needs. If you live in a humid and warm area, you may need to give your dog medication throughout the year.

What kind of parasites should you look out for?

There is a wide range of dog parasites that you’ll need to keep an eye out for. Your vet can give you more information on the parasites in your area, as well as how you can keep your dog protected. They’ll also tell you what symptoms you should look for.

How much should your Maltipoo weigh?

The vet will want to check your dog’s wait to make sure that they are growing at a healthy rate. They can give you recommendations for your Maltipoo’s diet, ensuring that they grow just like they should.

Should you get pet insurance?

Many dog owners get pet insurance to prevent a financial shock from emergency costs. However, not all vets will work with insurance companies. If you are thinking about pet insurance, ask your vet if they accept pet insurance. They may only accept insurance in certain cases, so make sure you know their policy.

When will you need to spay or neuter your Maltipoo?

If you don’t want to breed your dog, most vets will recommend that you have them spayed or neutered. Ask them when you should have the procedure done.

How often should you bring in your Maltipoo for checkups?

Vets vary in terms of follow up visits, so ask yours when they want to see your Maltipoo again. Many vets will schedule visits every half year when your dog is young so that they can track its growth.

What food should you give your Maltipoo?

You should also ask your vet about pet food brands. They can help you find a food that’s suited to your Maltipoo, as well as answer any questions you may have about setting up a feeding schedule.

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