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If Your Labradoodle Could Talk, Here’s What He’d Ask Your Vet

If Your Labradoodle Could Talk, Here’s What He’d Ask Your Vet

You’ve just found the perfect Labradoodle puppy, and couldn’t be more excited to bring them home and make them the newest member of your family.

But once your Labradoodle is home, you’re going to have to think about taking them to the vet. Before you choose a vet, make sure you do your research. There are a lot of excellent vets out there, offering dedicated care for your puppy.

However, there are also some vets that shouldn’t be trusted with your Labradoodle. And many vets also have different philosophies, with some preferring to prescribe more medication than others.

Questions You Should Ask Your Vet

Once you’ve found the right vet, you’re going to want to come prepared with the right questions. Here are some of the questions you should ask your vet during the first visit.

What parasites are common in your area?

One of the first things your vet will do will be to deworm your puppy. Parasites vary by area, and many will present with different symptoms. Make sure to ask your vet about parasites that are common for dogs in your area, and how you can prevent them.

What type of medical care can the vet offer?

Vet offices aren’t all made the same. Some are built to handle emergencies, whereas others only offer checkups. Make sure you know exactly what your vet’s office offers. If your puppy has a health issue, you’ll know if your vet can deal with it, or if you’ll need a referral to another vet.

Where should you go for emergency care?

No one wants to think about their Labradoodle having a health emergency. But it’s best to be prepared. Ask your vet where you can seek emergency medical care for your dog. Also make sure you ask about when the office is open, as some vets will only offer emergency care during business hours.

Which vaccines will your Labradoodle need, and which are optional?

Vaccines are one of the first orders of business when you bring your Labradoodle to the vet. You’ll want to make sure that your vet explains which vaccines are required, and which are optional.

All puppies should receive rabies, distemper, and canine parvovirus-2 vaccinations. However, your Labradoodle may also need a range of other vaccines depending on where you live.

How much should your Labradoodle weigh?

Labradoodles come in a lot of different sizes, depending on the parents. That means that the weight of your Labradoodle could vary. Make sure you speak to your vet about what a healthy weight is for your Labradoodle.

Your vet can help track your Labradoodle’s weight to make sure that they are growing at a healthy pace.

What flea and tick medication is right for your Labradoodle?

Fleas and ticks are less common in cities than in rural areas, but you should still always take steps to protect your Labradoodle.

You’ll have a lot of choices for flea and tick medications. Your vet can help you pick the right one for your Labradoodle.

What about pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a great way of protecting yourself from the financial shock of major medical emergencies. But not all vets will accept pet insurance. Make sure to speak to your vet about their policy, and if there are any insurance companies that they work with.

When should your Labradoodle be spayed or neutered?

If you don’t want to breed your dog, you should consider spaying or neutering them. Speak to your vet about when you should consider scheduling the procedure.

How frequent are checkups?

You’ll want to make sure that your Labradoodle has regular checkups at the vet. But vets may have different schedules, so speak to your vet about how often they want to see your Labradoodle.

What dog food should you choose for your Labradoodle?

There are a number of dog food brands out there, many of which should be avoided. Ask your vet about what type of food is best for your Labradoodle. Also ask about a feeding schedule, and how much food you should be giving your puppy.

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