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Looking for a Quiet Dog? These 5 Breeds Will Give You Peace

Looking for a Quiet Dog? These 5 Breeds Will Give You Peace

February 14th

All dogs bark. While the difference between a yappy dog and a quiet one usually boils down to training, there are definitely some breeds that bark less than others. If you’re looking for a life of peace and quiet, this article is for you.

Just because you want a loyal and loving dog, that doesn’t mean you need to get woken up every few hours by constant barking. Before we look at the breeds themselves, here’s a bit more on barking…

Why do dogs bark?

Dogs can bark or be noisy for a number of different reasons. What makes one dog bark won’t necessarily be the same for another. Picking a specific breed is no substitute for proper training, however. A noisy Yorkshire Terrier can be trained to bark less, and a peaceful Doodle pup might drive you crazy if you neglect its training.

With that being said, some dogs are natural watchdogs, so they’ll bark whenever someone approaches your property. This can be essential for people who live in remote areas or simply need that extra level of security around their home, but if you live somewhere safe and would rather not be disturbed every time the postman walks up to the door, one of the following breeds might not be for you.

While it’s natural for watchdog breeds to be alert to all disturbances because it’s in their nature, MUCH of the time when dogs bark because they simply aren’t getting the stimulation they need. This could either be mental stimulation like fun and interesting play or physical stimulation like long walks or other exercise. These dogs will bark to remind you that they’re missing out, much like how a baby might cry to tell you it’s hungry.

If you’ve got a busy schedule most days and simply don’t have the time for multiple walks or to keep your dog company every hour, one of these breeds might not be for you, either.

The third most common type of barking breed is one that barks out of fear or anxiety. These pups are sensitive and will let you know about it whenever something unexpected happens (and this could be a lot). They might also bark when they’ve been left alone for a long time.

That being said, these five breeds should be quiet enough to keep your environment peaceful most of the time…


While most Bernedoodles do have quite authoritative barks, the good news is that their peaceful demeanor means they rarely ever use it. These dogs might be big, but they’re some of the most gentle breeds available, and good fun too.

These dogs might take a while to get used to strangers, but they’re great with families that they’ve known for a while and aren’t highly-strung—meaning they’ll hardly ever bark.

Some people make the mistake of thinking Bernedoodls make good watchdogs because of their size. Because they’re so laid back and easy going, this isn’t the case—but they could be a great calming influence in your family, and a fun-loving addition that everyone should appreciate.


You might think that a small breed like the Cavapoo is likely to be yappy, as many other small dogs are—but that simply isn’t the case with this breed. Cavapoos are as low maintenance as you can get for a small dog breed. Cavapoos are happy and cheerful and love a bit of attention, but not to the extent of demanding it by barking.

Cavapoos are mostly relaxed and happy to sit around the house as well as go out for walks, but they may bark occasionally when approached by a stranger. However, these Cavapoos will make friends with anyone soon enough.


Cockapoos can be a welcome and friendly addition to any family. They’re intelligent, and best of all—they don’t bark much. While any dog can bark under extreme stress, your Cockapoo should be relaxed most of the time—apart from maybe when approached by a stranger. Cockapoos are easy to train and will learn to be relaxed the vast majority of the time.

While these pups might be small, they’ve got a big personality that comes with it—but without a lot of noise. Cockapoos are so relaxed that they’ve been recommended as a good breed to use as a therapy dog. They’re also great for first-time dog owners as they’re not sensitive or highly-strung in the slightest.


Probably the most famous Poodle cross, this dog breed has seen a huge growth in popularity over the last few years. You might be surprised to know that Doodles are relatively quiet and well-mannered around the house.

These dogs are also good for novice owners as they aren’t too sensitive and can be left alone for longer periods without getting upset (and barking). Doodles are also some of the friendliest and most stress-free dogs when they meet strangers and even other dogs. They’re a welcome calming influence on many families, and if you get one of our quality Doodles from the right breeder with our puppy finder, you could start enjoying a Labradoodle in your family soon, too.


Goldendoodles are another quiet and relaxed dog that shouldn’t disturb you unless they’re really upset. They share a lot of characteristics with Labradoodles, making them great with strangers and a relaxed dog that’s easy to look after for novice owners. If you’re looking for an affectionate and family-friendly dog that rarely gets upset, a Goldendoodle could be for you.

Thankfully, all our Doodle pups are raised by breeders with integrity and should be a welcome addition to your happy family. If you’ve used our puppy finder to find the perfect puppy in your state, you should already be in touch with a well-mannered dog that’s happy and peaceful.

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