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Want to Scare Off Intruders? These Are 5 of the Noisiest Dog Breeds Available

Want to Scare Off Intruders? These Are 5 of the Noisiest Dog Breeds Available

February 14th

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet in your life, then you might want to avoid these dogs. While all dogs bark, these are some of the loudest and most frequent barkers.

If you live in a remote area or want the extra security of an alert watchdog, then one of these breeds could be for you. They bark enough to hopefully scare off even the most determined intruders.

This article is really for two types of people…either you want to know which loud dogs to avoid so that you can get some peace in your life, or you actually WANT a loud dog to deter would-be intruders.

More bark than bite

Just remember, while some dogs are naturally noisy even at the best of times, sometimes those barks are actually symptoms of something else.

Don’t simply get a “loud” dog and ignore it when it barks excessively. It could mean it wants something or is upset. There are genuine reasons why all dogs bark, and it’s a good idea for dog owners to know what these are so that they can care properly for their pet.

Barking is one of the most basic ways dogs communicate. That means that dogs can bark when they’re happy, sad, scared or lonely (among other reasons).

The problem for dog owners is that you can’t ask them exactly why they’re barking, much like you can’t ask a baby why they’re crying. It could be because your dog’s hungry or needs a walk, or it might be because it’s super-excited.

As a dog owner, you need to learn what’s normal for your dog so that you can give it the right level of care. Even if you’ve got a particularly barky dog, sometimes it might be barking for a completely different reason to the one you assume. So pay close attention.

Easing the noise

If you’ve already got your hands on a dog that barks a lot, you might be wondering how to ease things a little. Every dog has a different personality, which is one of the reasons we love them so much—but most dogs can actually be trained to relax and over-react less.

Thankfully, if you’ve used our Doodle puppy finder, you might already be in touch with one of the friendliest Doodles around. These dogs are relaxed and comfortable almost all the time, so you shouldn’t be suffering too much from barking problems.

However, every dog is different, even some pups that aren’t members of barky breeds can have barking issues. The good news is that our Doodles are some of the easiest to train around, meaning you can get your peace and quiet back and make your dog happier in the process without too much trouble.

So if you’d like to know which dogs are some of the noisiest, as well as a little bit more on why each of these dogs might be barking (and some alternatives) then here they are….

1. Golden Retriever

While this might be a noisy dog, it hasn’t put everyone off. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the country. For many, it’s the number one dog breed of them all. These dogs are friendly and adaptable, meaning they’re great for novice owners and will fit into most lifestyle situations.

However, while they are adaptable and happy to fit into your life with ease—they aren’t normally quiet. If you’re looking for some peaceful evenings and nights, you might want to pick another breed.

Golden Retrievers have loud, deep barks and they aren’t afraid to use them. Most of the time, these barks will be down to exuberant friendliness rather than anything else, as they’re quite an inquisitive breed. This makes them unreliable watchdogs as they’ll probably react too much, but it makes them great fun to have around.

Your Golden Retriever will need quite a lot of stimulation and attention, which means it could bark out of boredom or loneliness in some circumstances. These dogs aren’t great when left alone for long periods so you might want to consider another breed if this might be an issue in your family. If you get your pup young enough, you can help train it to get used to being alone for longer periods without getting upset and barking.

Golden Retrievers are generally a barky breed, but they can be trained quite easily to relax a little bit more.

Best breed for Golden Retriever lovers who prefer less barking?

If you’d like a Golden Retriever but are a bit put off by the noise they might make, you might want to consider a Goldendoodle instead. These lovable family friends are bred from Golden Retrievers and Poodles and they’re actually much more relaxed and easy to train—especially if you got one from Uptown Puppies.

That means you can have a family-friendly dog that’s happy and quiet, giving you peace at night.

2. German Shepherd

Most dogs will bark a bit when they’re nervous, and Shepherds are no different. These dogs are big and have a deep, loud bark so they might seem intimidating, but they get quite nervous. This means it’s important to make sure your dog is as sociable as possible at a young age, so it doesn’t grow to be as nervous around other dogs.

While these dogs might get anxious, they’re great as watchdogs. They’ll bark loudly and clearly when a stranger approaches your home or when they hear any threats. When you’re home and safe, your Shepherd should relax quite a lot. As long as you give it plenty of attention, you should be able to lead quite a quiet home life.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

Most terriers are well-known for being big barkers. These feisty little dogs are super-alert and reactive, which can make them loud at times. While these Yorkshire Terriers are small, they have some of the biggest personalities around and will certainly stick up for themselves.

Yorkies can be particularly aggressive around other dogs. They can get into fits of barking if they ever feel threatened (which can be often). They’re also super-protective of their owners. While this can make Yorkies fun and loyal, it also makes them difficult. And noisy.

Yorkies can be trained a bit to reduce their anxiety and make them relaxed, but they’ll always be on the alert side of things. They don’t handle being left alone very well, either.

4. Siberian Husky

While Yorkies are known for being loud and excitable, some people are surprised to know that these sedate-looking huskies can also produce a lot of noise. While they might not bark as much as some of the other dogs on this list, they’re still a vocal breed. These dogs are actually very sociable and are used to being around with other dogs, but they do get excited and like to communicate a lot. By barking.

These dogs are intelligent so they also crave attention. If you don’t give your husky enough, it could start barking to try and earn it.

5. Maltese

These high-bred aristocratic dogs make great companions, but they do tend to be a bit yappy. While Maltese dogs are small, they’re super-outgoing and love being the center of attention. That means if you’re not giving them enough love, they might start acting out of frustration. Maltese dogs can also start barking a lot if they feel threatened, which can be quite often.

Quiet Maltese alternatives?

If you love the look of a Maltese but would like a bit more peace and quiet, you might want to try one of our amazing Maltipoos. These specialist breeds come with all the fun of a Maltese, but in a slightly more relaxed bundle of joy. Crossed with a Poodle, these Maltipoos could be the perfect breed for you and your family.

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