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My Labradoodle Hates Being Alone, What Can I Do?

My Labradoodle Hates Being Alone, What Can I Do?

At first, your Labradoodle puppy may fear anytime you leave that you won’t be coming back. This can lead to separation anxiety.

Fortunately, you can teach your Labradoodle puppy to cope with being alone. It just takes some time and patience.

Symptoms Of Separation Anxiety

Labradoodles are social creatures, preferring the company of other dogs and people to being left alone. If they are by themselves, they may begin to show signs of separation anxiety, especially as a puppy.

Separation anxiety can range from mild to severe, with some cases involving dogs that can’t be left alone for more than a few minutes at a time. Here are some of the common symptoms of separation anxiety:

  • Barking or yelping when you leave the room
  • Scratching and pawing at the crate or door
  • Nervousness and clinginess before you leave
  • Refusing to eat
  • Chewing their paws

Helping Your Labradoodle Cope With Separation Anxiety

Many puppies will slowly learn to cope with your absence over time. However, you can help speed up the process and lesson their anxiety whenever you’re away.

Practice Leaving Your Labradoodle Alone

A great way of teaching your dog to cope with being alone is to leave them in their crate for short periods at home. You don’t have to leave the house, and can slowly increase the amount of time your dog spends alone.

Your Labradoodle will learn that you always come back, and that there’s no reason to be anxious.

Put Your Coat On, But Then Stay

Many dogs will associate you leaving with certain objects, such as keys and coats. One way you can reduce their anxiety is by picking up your keys and putting on your coat, but then staying in the house.

This will break the association that your puppy has with the objects and you leaving, and may make it easier for you to get them in their crate.

Give Them Less Attention Before You Leave

Although this may seem cruel, it’s a useful way of reducing separation anxiety. The reason? Your departure feels less sudden, so your puppy is more easily able to adjust to being alone.

You don’t have to completely ignore your Labradoodle, but you should cut down on the number of hugs and kisses right before you leave home.

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