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Quick Tips to Help Your Maltipoo With Separation Anxiety

Quick Tips to Help Your Maltipoo With Separation Anxiety

Most puppies will have issues with being left alone. This can lead to crying and pawing, as well as chewing. For many Maltipoos, these symptoms go away over time, and they adjust fairly quickly to being alone.

But in some cases, Maltipoos will continue to have issues whenever your leave the house. This behavior can be a sign of serious separation anxiety. This can present with the following symptoms:

  • Scratching and chewing
  • Howling and barking
  • Running in circle or pacing back and forth
  • Whining, whimpering and crying
  • Breaking house training

Separation anxiety can be stressful for both you and your dog. But there are some easy steps that you can take to make separation easier for your dog. Here, we’ll walk you through what you can do to keep your Maltipoo calm whenever you leave the house.

Leave Them Alone For A While

This is a great way of getting your dog used to being alone, without you having to leave the house. And it’s easy to do. Simply walk away from your dog for a while, and let them fend for themselves. They will learn that short periods of alone time aren’t that scary.

Stop Fussing Over Your Dog Before You Leave

This may seem counterintuitive, but giving your dog less attention before you leave can help them better deal with separation. When you give your dog a lot of love right before you leave, your departure seems sudden, which can cause distress. By leaving them alone for a while before you leave, they are better prepared for your absence.

Teach Them Not To Associate Objects With You Leaving

You’ve probably noticed that your Maltipoo begins to get anxious before you’ve even left the house. Dogs are quite perceptive, and they begin to associate certain objects with your departure. That’s why they start to cry when they see you put on your coat.

A good way of dealing with this is by trying to break this association. Put your coat on and walk around the house for a while. Your dog will begin to see that you putting on your coat doesn’t mean that you are leaving, and they will calm down.

Crate Train Your Dog

Proper crate training can be a great tool for lessening separation anxiety. You’ll want to start slowly, however, and work your way up.

And try to begin as young as possible. Trying to crate train a dog that already has severe separation anxiety can be difficult, making this a less effective tool. By starting early, you’ll stand a better chance of getting them properly crate trained, making it easier every time you leave the house.

Use CBD Oil For Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Sometimes separation anxiety can be more severe. In those cases, you should consider a natural remedy, such as symptoms of separation anxiety, and is just one of the many benefits of CBD. It helps calm your Maltipoo down, and can prevent chewing and licking that can lead to sores.  It does this by reducing the levels of stress hormones, so your dog will feel less anxious whenever you leave.

Learning to be alone is hard for more than just your Maltipoo. You also have to train yourself to deal with separation. By following the advice given here, you’ll be able to train your dog and learn how to reinforce good behaviors. This will make separation easier on the both of you, and make your Maltipoo happy and healthy whenever you return.

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