Boost Your Dog’s Bone, Joint and Muscle Health

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Boost Your Dog’s Bone, Joint and Muscle Health

Every dog owner wants their dog to stay healthy and fit. But even the most active breeds tend to get lazy if you don’t encourage activity!

And some of that laziness can easily turn into a health problem, especially for dog breeds that are prone to hip dysplasia. Here at Uptown Puppies we take our dogs health very seriously.

Naturally, dogs are fun, life-loving creatures. They like running in the wild, chasing birds or fetching balls. This is what they were born to do since hunting for food required lots of activity. Nowadays, dogs don’t have to hunt, yet they are still programmed to lead an active lifestyle.

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So how can you help your dog maintain her health? The key is to substitute hunting activities with sports activities. such as walking, swimming, and the game of fetch.

Here is a detailed overview for building that muscle, joint, and bone health:

Bone and joint health

Diet is the key

Diet seems to be the secret to everything: long life, happiness, and good mood. It’s also the secret to the bone and joint health. Phosphorus, vitamin C, and calcium are particularly beneficial for bones and joints.

Exercise often

Not only regular exercise improves bone and joint health but also it’s very enjoyable for the dogs. Take your dog put for a long active walk in the evening and play with her as much as possible during the weekends.

While you might be tired after a long day at work, your dog is actually full of energy, because she was waiting for you to come home. It might be difficult to get active again after a productive day, but an evening walk will help you rewind from work problems.

Treat them

Treats can support a healthy diet. Choose treats that are high in nutritional value. Dogs love sugary treats but sugar is bad for their teeth. So choose treats that are high in protein and low in artificial ingredients, sugars, and trans fats.

Choose the right supplements

There are plenty of vet-approved supplements, but if you’re worried about your dog’s bone and joint health the best supplement is glucosamine.

What is glucosamine? It’s a natural amino sugar and a protein that occurs in the fluid around joints and bones. It’s also a body’s natural shock absorber. Glucosamine consistently ranks as one of the most effective supplements for joint and bone health.

Muscle strength

Muscles health and bone and joint health are interconnected. Muscles support and protect the bone structure, so it’s important to build muscular strength.

Here is how you can improve your dog’s muscle health:

Build muscles

The best way to improve muscle health is to do muscle strength training. You want your dog to consistently build and grow muscles.

Resistance training leads to best results in muscle building. Resistance training implies effort that is performed against some sort of resistance.

Your dog can try pulling a cart loaded with weight or play with a large heavy ball. If your dog finds resistance training hard switch to more cardio exercises such as jumping over fences or fetching a ball.

Exercises must be enjoyable for dogs. If you don’t see much excitement from your dog, don’t force her to perform. Sometimes dogs will want to please their owner and do the exercise, but they won’t move naturally, which might lead to an injury.

Play tug a war

Have you heard of a tug a war game? Well, it increases muscle strength too. Tug a war game is fun if you’re careful about her teeth and constantly watch her behavior.

Give the rope to your dog and try to take it from her. If she doesn’t want to let go, touch her collar and give her a treat. You can then give her the toy back. Not only this game is great as a shoulder and legs workout, but you can also teach your dog to be less protective of her toys.

Not only this game is great as a shoulder and legs workout, but you can also teach your dog to be less protective of her toys.

Make her run

What can be better than a good old game of fetch? It strengthens her cardio muscles and makes her leaner. Go to a wide field, pick a tennis ball and throw it as far as you can. Having to bend down to pick up the ball and throw it again will provide enough opportunity for you to get active too.

Find a friend

You feel more motivated when you go to the gym with a friend. The same rule applies to dogs. Your dog will be delighted to play with a new buddy.
She’ll be grateful for some social time and the opportunity to meet another dog. Just make sure you pair the dogs according to their sizes and watch out for any signs of aggression. If one dog is not showing excitement and looks irritated, separate the dogs and get your dog to play with a toy instead.

Whether you’re looking for help with your current dog or preparing to find Goldendoodle puppies for sale, exercise is key!

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