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CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis and Joint Pain: Is It Effective?

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis and Joint Pain: Is It Effective?

February 22nd

As dogs get older, mobility can become an issue—just the same as humans.

Your once-spry pup will be doing a lot less running, jumping and playing, and they’re likely to suffer from canine arthritis and joint pain.

There’s good news, though—there are lots of ways to treat arthritis and manage joint pain, with one of our favorite being CBD oil supplements.

What Is Arthritis in Dogs?

Arthritis, put simply, is inflammation of the joints. In both dogs and humans, the surface of the bones inside the joints are connected to a smooth layer of cartilage. Each of your pet’s joints are lubricated with a small amount of fluid that allows these two surfaces to touch with little friction.

When your dog begins to suffer from arthritis, it’s because the cartilage has begun to change, or has suffered damage. The surfaces have more friction, and your dog feels discomfort when these surfaces come into contact.

Because of this friction, the joint will begin to develop more bone tissue, which will decrease mobility and make your dog appear to move stiffer.

Arthritis is a permanent disease that will affect MOST domesticated dogs. This disease is both progressive and very painful, with levels of pain, stiffness and lameness varying between one dog and the next. Like people, arthritic pets have trouble getting up in the morning, rising after a nap, and enjoying life like before.

Arthritis pain will intensify with wet and cold weather, and the condition is irreversible. In some case, arthritis can be debilitating.

How Does My Dog Get Arthritis?

All dogs are equally predisposed to developing arthritis, regardless of breed or gender. However, dogs that suffer more often from elbow osteochondrosis, patellar luxation, dysplasia, and cranial cruciate ligament rupture have a high risk of developing arthritis as a secondary disease.

Free-roaming dogs have a higher tendency to suffer from traumatic injuries, which in turn increases the risk that they’ll develop joint pain at the sight of their injury. Overweight dogs are also more likely to suffer from arthritis—but so are highly active dogs!

As your dog ages, the cartilage in their joints becomes thinner. As these cells die, they will release chemicals that cause swelling in the joints. In addition, this may also cause extra bone growth to begin. The space between joints will become narrower, eventually leading to bone damage.

Arthritic dogs will experience decreased function of the affected joints, which can cause a variety of symptoms.

What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs?

Arthritis has very noticeable symptoms. Arthritic dogs will be less active and have to exert themselves much more to do the things they enjoy. Some of the most obvious symptoms are:

  • Limping: Especially when your dog limps more heavily after standing up, and improves after walking for a bit.
  • Inactivity: Older dogs aren’t lazy—they’re usually in pain. Older dogs will often avoid climbing stairs, running, etc.
  • Irritability: Once-friendly dogs might get a bit nippy when being approached or handled. Dogs are better at hiding pain than humans, and biting can be a symptom of not wanting to be injured further.
  • Muscle loss: When your dog suffers from arthritis, it will tend to use its affected area less, which will lead to muscle loss. Legs affected by arthritis, for example, will often look thinner than they used to.

Well, that’s enough doom and gloom for one day. Now, let’s look at how to make your dog feel young and spry again!

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs Arthritis

There is ample evidence available that CBD oil is effective for treating inflammation and pain from arthritis—and because your dog’s system for processing CBD is virtually the same as yours and mine, that’s great news for your pet.

Tons of vets and pet owners are already using hemp oil for dogs arthritis, which can help manage pain and improve joint protection.

CBD is a natural pain-reliever, and it’s also great at reducing inflammation in the joints affected by arthritis. In short, regular CBD oil could seriously improve quality of life for your pooch. It’s also a good alternative or supplement to arthritis cream for dogs.

Best of all, compared with prescription drugs, CBD oil is far safer. For example, prescription arthritis medications could damage your pet’s liver, kidneys and GI tract—meaning arthritis will be the least of your worries. CBD oil is an organic, holistic approach to healing that your dog will really appreciate.

Also, remember that CBD extract is not related to marijuana in any way—don’t confuse it with cannabis oil for dogs with arthritis or cannabis for dogs with arthritis.

How to Treat Dog Arthritis with CBD Oil

While CBD for dog arthritis can come in many forms, one of the most common is using a dropper to administer the extract orally.

The best part about CBD is that it’s a supplement to traditional treatments, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice any of your pet’s existing medications if you don’t want to.

Some studies even suggest that there may be a synergistic effect between CBD oil and prescription painkillers!

To begin treating your dog’s arthritis, begin with small doses and work your way up gradually until you notice a significant improvement in your pooch’s quality of life.

Many pet owners report higher activity levels after just a few days of using CBD extract.

You can place the CBD drops into your dog’s mouth directly, but sometimes that can be tough—especially for moody dogs who might be in pain. Instead, try dropping the oil into your dog’s food.

Remember, CBD oil doesn’t take effect immediately. It’s a long-term supplement that’s meant to be used regularly.

And when you’re looking for the absolute best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis, you can’t go wrong with our organic CBD extract. For more amazing benefits of pet CBD oil, take a look at our recent article—and find out why dog-lovers all over are going crazy about CBD oil for our four-legged friends.

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