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Home Insights High Desert Doodles Breeder Spotlight

High Desert Doodles Breeder Spotlight

High Desert Doodles Breeder Spotlight

January 11th

In our quest to highlight outstanding breeders, High Desert Doodles & More, nestled in the high deserts of Ontario, Oregon, has captured our admiration at Uptown Puppies

Their unique approach to breeding, driven by a deep love for dogs and an understanding of their impact on humans, truly sets them apart. This exceptional dedication has rightfully earned High Desert Doodles & More our esteemed Uptown Puppies Badge of Approval.

Who are High Desert Doodles?

High Desert Doodles & More was founded by owner Jessica Sage, on a dream to establish a purposeful, intentional breeding program. Jessica, a passionate dog lover, recognized the incredible bond between dogs and humans and sought to merge these elements into a harmonious breeding philosophy.

The founder’s personal story with High Desert Doodles & More began with a family need for a low-shedding, hypoallergenic dog due to allergies. This led to the introduction of a poodle stud into their existing Australian Shepherd breeding program, and thus, the journey towards breeding Labradoodles and Aussiedoodles began.

Exceptional Breeding Practices

Here are 5 reasons why we love this breeder — and you will too.

Commitment to Health and Well-being

Every dog in High Desert Doodles & More’s program undergoes thorough health testing. This prioritization of health and longevity is a testament to their commitment to breeding excellence.

Raising Puppies with Love and Care

What distinguishes High Desert Doodles & More is their approach to raising puppies. The puppies are nurtured in a loving home environment, exposed to various sounds and experiences, ensuring their emotional well-being and socialization.

Educational and Developmental Focus

The founder, a stay-at-home mom with a deep veterinary background, employs an educational approach to puppy rearing. This includes early neurological stimulation and daily interactions with both toddlers and adults, which helps in developing well-adjusted puppies.

Dogs with a Purpose

High Desert Doodles & More’s vision extends beyond just breeding. They aspire to produce dogs that can serve as service animals, therapy dogs, emotional support animals, working dogs, and well-balanced family companions.

Investment in Quality

Their investment in the program, both financially and emotionally, is driven by the goal of producing healthy, temperamentally sound, and loving puppies that grow into outstanding canine citizens.

Uptown approved: Why they deserve the badge

From their heartfelt mission to their exceptional breeding practices, High Desert Doodles & More exemplifies the qualities of a top-tier breeder. Their dedication to health, education, and the continuous support of their puppy families aligns with our core values at Uptown Puppies.

High Desert Doodles & More doesn’t just breed puppies; they raise future family members, service animals, and lifelong companions. Their approach to breeding and care makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking to welcome a Labradoodle or Aussiedoodle into their home.

For more information or to reserve a puppy, please visit High Desert Doodles. They are dedicated to helping you find your perfect four-legged companion.

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