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Home Insights Texas Rose Doodles Breeder Spotlight

Texas Rose Doodles Breeder Spotlight

Texas Rose Doodles Breeder Spotlight

January 11th

Uptown Puppies is dedicated to recognizing and spotlighting breeders who not only demonstrate a deep passion for their craft but also uphold ethical breeding practices and a genuine love for dogs. 

We’re excited to feature Texas Rose Doodles, a family-run breeding program in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, led by Jennifer Estes, renowned for their love and care of Labradoodles.

Who are Texas Rose Doodles?

Texas Rose Doodles is nestled in the bustling Dallas-Ft. Worth region, a breeding program where Labradoodles are not just bred but are a beloved part of the family. 

Managed by Jennifer Estes and her family, Texas Rose Doodles stands as a prime example of a breeding program that combines a family’s love for dogs with responsible breeding practices.

Family-oriented and allergy-friendly approach

Texas Rose Doodles began from a family’s love for Labradoodles and their desire to find an allergy-friendly pet. These dogs, known for their low-to-no shedding coats, are ideal for families with allergies. The ease of their care, requiring just regular brushing and occasional trims, makes them perfect household companions. The Estes family raises each doodle with exceptional care, ensuring they develop a family-friendly personality.

Hand-raised by loving children

A unique aspect of Texas Rose Doodles is that their puppies are hand-raised by Jennifer’s children. This early interaction with kids ensures that the puppies are well-socialized, nurturing their natural inclination to be great family pets. This upbringing plays a crucial role in shaping the puppies’ temperament, making them ideal for family environments.

Health and registration details

All puppies from Texas Rose Doodles come with their first round of shots and dewormer, ensuring they start their new lives healthy. They also provide a health certificate for each puppy and offer CKC (Continental Kennel Club) registration. This commitment to the puppies’ health and well-being is a testament to Texas Rose Doodles’ dedication to responsible breeding.

Flexible adoption process

Understanding that the primary goal is to find loving homes for their puppies, Texas Rose Doodles maintains a flexible approach towards adoption. They offer a transparent pricing structure and are open to discussions regarding the price and delivery arrangements, emphasizing the importance of a good home over profit.

A commitment to quality and care

At Texas Rose Doodles, each multi-generational Labradoodle puppy is valued and nurtured with love and attention. Jennifer and her family’s devotion to their dogs and puppies is evident in every aspect of their program, from breeding to placing puppies in their forever homes.

Find your dream Labradoodle today

If the caring and responsible breeding practices of Texas Rose Doodles resonate with you, remember that Uptown Puppies also offers a wide range of reputable breeders in our network. 

Each breeder is carefully vetted to ensure they meet our stringent standards for health, ethical practices, and dedication to the welfare of their puppies.

Whether you’re drawn to Labradoodles or another breed, our network includes breeders who share our commitment to love, health, and ethical breeding.

Start your journey with Uptown Puppies today and connect with breeders like Texas Rose Doodles, where each dog is bred with love and care. Find your dream Labradoodle today!

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