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Only Doodles Breeder Spotlight

Only Doodles Breeder Spotlight

January 11th

Uptown Puppies is committed to showcasing breeders who not only excel in their craft but also exemplify the highest standards of ethical breeding and deep compassion for dogs. 

This spotlight is dedicated to Only Doodles, a distinguished breeding program in Galt, Missouri, that stands as a shining example of these values.

Who are Only Doodles?

Only Doodles, operated by the dedicated family trio of Muriel “Tootie,” Brion, and Garrett, is not just a breeding program but a living testament to their love for dogs. This small, family-run operation exemplifies the true essence of responsible breeding, where each dog is treated as a cherished family member.

Health and wellbeing first

Only Doodles places paramount importance on the health of their puppies. Each dog undergoes rigorous health testing, and with a 2-year health guarantee, they reassure new owners of their commitment to the long-term health of their puppies. This emphasis on genetic health testing is crucial in preventing hereditary diseases and ensuring the longevity of their breeds.

Therapeutic influence and compassion

The story of Only Doodles is deeply rooted in the therapeutic impact of dogs on human lives. Brion and Garrett’s personal experiences underline the power of canine companionship, especially for individuals with special needs. This personal connection to their work infuses their breeding program with an extraordinary level of empathy and understanding.

Ethical breeding and lifetime commitment

Adhering to the highest standards of ethics, Only Doodles ensures that every puppy is placed in a loving, appropriate home. They firmly oppose selling to commercial entities, reflecting their commitment to the welfare of their dogs. Moreover, their ongoing support to puppy families exemplifies their dedication to the lifelong wellbeing of their dogs.

A small program with a big heart

By maintaining a limited breeding program, Only Doodles can provide individualized care and attention to each dog and puppy. This approach ensures not only the physical health of their puppies but also their emotional and social well-being, preparing them for a seamless transition into their new homes.

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