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Shasta Royal Monroe Breeder Spotlight

Shasta Royal Monroe Breeder Spotlight

January 11th

In the search for awesome breeders, Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles, led by Katie, has caught our attention at Uptown Puppies

Their dedication to raising Australian Labradoodles, combined with a deep-rooted passion for dogs, makes them stand out. It’s this commitment to excellence that has earned Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles our prestigious Uptown Puppies Badge of Approval.

Who are Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles?

Behind every great breeder is a story of love and dedication to dogs. Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles, founded by Katie in Redding, CA, began with a personal journey that highlights the special bond between dogs and their families.

Katie’s story with Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles started with a poignant chapter. Following the loss of Rosie and Bella, two beloved Shih Tzu sisters, Katie and her family welcomed an Australian Labradoodle into their lives. 

This experience showcases the healing and joy these animals bring.

Exceptional Breeding Practices

At the heart of Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles’ reputation is their outstanding approach to breeding. Katie’s commitment to the health and well-being of her Australian Labradoodles is commendable and sets a high standard in the breeding world.

Health and Well-being First

Katie ensures that every dog in Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles’ program undergoes thorough health testing, prioritizing the health and longevity of the breed.

Raised with Love and Care

What truly distinguishes Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles is how Katie treats her breeding dogs. Living in loving guardian homes, these dogs enjoy the full experience of being part of a family, which is essential for their emotional health.

Educational Approach to Raising Puppies

Katie employs a research-based curriculum for raising puppies, including early neurological stimulation and other innovative techniques. This ensures that every puppy from Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles is well-adjusted and ready for life with a new family.

A Platinum Paw Achievement

Recognition in the dog breeding community is a clear indicator of a breeder’s excellence. Katie’s achievements with Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles, especially in the Australian Labradoodle community, are noteworthy.

Recognized Excellence

Earning the Platinum Paw distinction from the ALAA is a significant accomplishment for Katie and Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles, reflecting their dedication to the health and temperament of their pets.

Ready to adopt from breeders like Katie?

Katie and Shasta Royal Monroe Labradoodles don’t just breed puppies; they raise future family members. Their approach to breeding and care makes them a prime choice for anyone looking to welcome an Australian Labradoodle into their home.

For more information or to reserve a puppy, please contact Katie at Shasta Royal Monroe. They are ready and willing to help you find your perfect four-legged companion.

And if you’re ready to adopt from Labradoodle breeders just like Katie, check out available puppies in our network here!

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