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Home Insights Jae Australian Cobberdogs Breeder Spotlight

Jae Australian Cobberdogs Breeder Spotlight

Jae Australian Cobberdogs Breeder Spotlight

January 11th

Uptown Puppies is delighted to focus on breeders who not only excel in their field but also demonstrate a deep commitment to ethical breeding and a profound love for animals. 

Today, we’re excited to showcase Jae Australian Cobberdogs, managed by Karen Bradfield in Kansas, a breeding program that perfectly encapsulates these values.

Cobberdogs are often referred to as “purebred” Labradoodles, and are bred specifically to be therapy and support animals.

Who are Jae Australian Cobberdogs?

Located in Kansas, Jae Australian Cobberdogs is a breeding program where love for dogs goes hand in hand with a commitment to quality and care. Led by Karen Bradfield, who has a lifelong love for animals, this program is dedicated to breeding Miniature and Medium Australian Cobberdogs, known for their intelligence, loyalty, and suitability for families with allergies.

A lifelong passion for dogs

Karen’s journey with dogs began in her childhood, growing up in a family that always had a dog. Her deep affection for dogs continued into adulthood. Together with her husband, they welcomed Jessi, a Yellow Labrador, into their home in 1999, who was a beloved family member until her passing at age 15.

Discovering the perfect breed

The journey of Karen and her husband to Jae Australian Cobberdogs began with their search for a breed that matched the personality and intelligence of a Labrador but was more suitable for their allergies and desire for a smaller dog. This search led them to the Miniature Australian Cobberdog, a breed they fell in love with and have been passionate about ever since.

Breeding with a purpose

Jae Australian Cobberdogs is dedicated to breeding dogs with a sweet, soft temperament, many of which are registered therapy animals. They prioritize temperament in their breeding program, with several puppies going on to become therapy dogs, service dogs, or medical alert dogs. Karen’s involvement with Pet Partners highlights her commitment to training puppies for special purposes.

Ethical and loving breeding environment

As a small breeder in Eastern Kansas, Jae Australian Cobberdogs ensures that all parent dogs undergo DNA health testing to guarantee the health and well-being of the puppies. Emphasizing that they are not a kennel or a wholesaler, Karen ensures that all dogs and puppies are raised as part of her family, receiving ample socialization and love.

A breed with unique qualities

The Australian Cobberdog is celebrated for its intuitive ability to connect with human emotions, making them excellent therapy and service dogs, as well as wonderful family companions. Their low-shedding, low-odor, allergy-friendly coat makes them suitable for people with allergies.

Nationwide delivery with care

Understanding the importance of safe and loving transport, Jae Australian Cobberdogs offers delivery across the United States, ensuring that puppies travel in the cabin with their Canine Concierge, Mike Witt, rather than being shipped alone.

Find your dream Labradoodle with Uptown Puppies

Inspired by Jae Australian Cobberdogs? Remember, Uptown Puppies offers a wide network of reputable breeders. Our network includes breeders like Karen who are committed to ethical practices, the welfare of their puppies, and raising dogs with love.

Explore the options available through Uptown Puppies. Whether you’re drawn to Australian Cobberdogs / Australian Labradoodles or another breed, our network includes breeders who share our ethos of love, health, and ethical breeding.

Start your journey with Uptown Puppies today, and connect with breeders like Jae Australian Cobberdogs, where every dog is bred with care and compassion.

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