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Pomsky Puppies for Sale Cottonwood Heights, UT

About Pomsky Puppies near Cottonwood Heights, UT

Pomskies are the most dreamy dogs. They’re a mix of the fluffy and loyal Pomeranian, and the wolf-like Siberian Husky. They’re seriously striking in appearance, and their small size makes them absolutely adorable!

Kid Friendly 7/10
Intelligence 8/10
Loyalty 8/10
Fun Loving 10/10
Adaptability 9/10
Obedience 8/10
Coat Variety 7/10
Activity Level 7/10


Because of their Husky blood, it’s really important to take charge and start training a Pomsky at as young an age as possible. They’re great for beginners, as long as training is in place.

Absolutely Adorable

Pomskies happen to be a mix of two sled dogs, believe it or not! Their super fluffy appearance makes them lovely to cuddle up with.

People Loving

Pomskies just love people, and are very affectionate towards them. They get on well with other pets, as long as they’re introduced to them when they’re young.

Incredibly Intelligent

Pomskies are very clever little dogs that enjoy having their minds challenged. Teaching tricks will be a breeze with this breed, as long as you’re firm.

Great for Small Home

What do you do when you want a Husky, but your home is too small? You get a Pomsky, which is the perfect mix of adorable and playful.

Perfectly Portable

Pomskies are so small that they’re easy to take with you, whenever you’re on the move, and wherever you go!

pomsky puppies for sale

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Questions & Answers

Questions about Pomsky puppies for sale in Cottonwood Heights, UT? We have answers.

What are Pomsky puppies for sale near Cottonwood Heights like?

A Pomsky is a relatively new, designer breed of dog that is a hybrid of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. They are small and in family pets, typically measuring between 12 and 17 inches tall at the shoulder. Unlike purebred dogs, Pomskies vary in their appearance as they can either take after the Pomeranian or the Husky more. They sport thick, dense fur that can be similar to either parent breed, as well as a variety of colors that range from white or black to a range of shades of gray, brown, blue, and cream.

Are Pomsky puppies for sale in Cottonwood Heights non-shedding?

Pomskies are hybrid dogs and it is impossible to predict exactly how much they will shed. Generally, they have a double coat of fur, which means they may shed more than some other breeds. Having said that, Pomskies typically shed less than other double-coated dogs. As with any breed of dog, there are steps pet owners can take to minimize shedding, such as proper grooming and brushing regularly. Regularly bathing can help remove any excess shedding fur as well as regular trips to the groomer.

What should I not feed Cottonwood Heights Pomsky puppies for sale?

Pomskies should not be fed table scraps or foods high in fat, salt, or sugar as this could lead to weight gain, digestion issues, and other health concerns. It is important to feed Pomskies well-balanced, species-appropriate meals. As their stomachs may be sensitive, it is best to avoid and/or limit unfamiliar foods and treats. Furthermore, they should stay away from any foods containing toxins, preservatives, artificial coloring, and added flavorings.

What are some essentials I should buy before getting Pomsky puppies in Cottonwood Heights?

Before getting a Pomsky, there are certain items you should purchase so you are prepared for your new pup. These essentials include a crate or kennel for them to sleep in at night, leash and collar, food, treats, and toys for the pup to chew on. You should also consider getting grooming supplies, such as a brush, nail clippers, shampoo and conditioner, and toothpaste to help keep your new pup looking nice and clean.

What sizes do Pomskies for sale in Cottonwood Heights come in?

Pomskies typically range in size from small to medium. However, factors such as overall health and nutrition can affect size, and Pomskies can sometimes be larger than expected. Generally, a full grown Pomsky will reach heights between 10-15 inches and weigh between 15-30 pounds, but it is important to remember that size can vary greatly. Pomskies bred from a hybrid of a Siberian husky and a Pomeranian are bred to get the best of both breeds, so they can come in a range of sizes and shapes.

How much exercise do Pomsky puppies near Cottonwood Heights need?

Pomskies, crossed between Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies, are an extremely intelligent and active breed of dog. As such, they require frequent and regular exercise, both physical and mental, to keep them stimulated and their minds sharp. To keep your Pomskie in top condition, it’s best to provide them with around 30 minutes of exercise a day, generally split up into two or three shorter activities and including a combination of physical and mental activities.

Are Pomskies in Cottonwood Heights good for first-time owners?

Pomskies are a great choice for first-time owners, as they are highly intelligent, loyal, and people-oriented. They are renowned for their friendship and love towards their owners, requiring regular engagement with their people. While they do need to be trained to interact properly with others, with regular exercise and mental stimulation, they are more than prepared to become a great companion. Pomskies are also moderately active, which is suitable for less active owners. Additionally, their smaller size makes them easier to manage.

How do I train my Cottonwood Heights Pomskies for sale?

Training your Pomsky is simple but requires a commitment to consistency and patience. Start by familiarizing your Pomsky with their crate and teach them to stay in it for extended periods of time. Once they demonstrate their familiarity, attach a treat dispenser so they view it as a positive place. Begin with obedience training using clicker training or positive-reinforcement commands that will become second nature. Slowly introduce the "stay" and "heel" commands as part of your daily walk routine. Be sure to reward good behaviors and provide gentle correction when necessary.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale near Cottonwood Heights, UT

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