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12 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

12 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

October 9th

Ask any parent and they will tell you that dogs are part of the family.

They bring happiness and love into the house, so it’s only fair to say that families with both dogs and kids are the happiest.

But the truth is that while some dogs might love playing with little family members, others get irritated when surrounded by screaming toddlers. Usually, great family dogs have the following qualities:

They are strong. They are not afraid to move and play and do some silly activities together. They accept everyone into the game and won’t get angry if things don’t go as usual.

They have a lot of energy. Kids can exhaust dogs same way they exhaust their parents. You want your dog to have just a little bit more energy so that when you’re tired and can’t keep up with the children, your dog can take on the nanny role.

They are smart. Some dogs are more intelligent than others, but intelligence is a skill that can be learned. Take your dog to a behavior specialist before you have kids and make sure he is trained properly.

They make friends easily. The dog’s friendliness can’t be predicted, and largely depends on how the dog was treated as a puppy. Unless you just got a Goldendoodle puppy for sale, you need to watch your dog’s behavior carefully. Your relationship with the dog is also important. You, as an owner, serve as an example of what the dog can expect from other people moving forward.

No matter, how well the dog is trained and treated, genetics still play a crucial role.

Here are the dog breeds that are most friendly to kids:

1. Australian Labradoodle
With the addition of poodle genes, this breed has become one of the best family dogs out there. Labradoodles are incredible with kids, have a mild temperament and are always up for the adventure. The great thing about multigenerational Australian Labradoodles is that they learn quickly. With proper training, Labradoodles will adjust to your kid’s schedule. Bring home a Labradoodle puppy for sale, and your kid will get a devoted lifetime friend.

2. Goldendoodle
Goldendoodles are the sweetest dogs on Earth. They are eternally loyal to their owners, but also friendly towards total strangers. When you go on vacation and leave your dog to a friend, Goldendoodles will accept their fate and be calm and respective. As soon as you come back though, they will shower you with love and attention. This is a great loyal breed for families with kids.

3. Boston Terrier
Don’t let these originally bred fighting dogs fool you. They are great family pets, who enjoy being around people and can protect them if neccesary. They are an active breed too and will be a perfect match to your lively toddler.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
These regal dogs have a calm attitude and will quietly accept numerous strokes and pinches from kids because they know it is all just the game. They are up for some fun too and can easily become your kid’s favorite toy to play with.

5. Bernese Mountain Dog
A beautiful breed, full of calm energy and affection, Bernese Mountain Dogs are true loyal friends. They don’t take much effort to train. They will follow your kids around the house, making sure everyone is happy and comfortable. Due to their large size Bernese Mountain Dogs might not be suitable for small apartments but give them plenty of space and they will light up your life.

6. American Water Spaniel
This could be the best dog for families because Spaniels exhibit a balanced mix of friendly and protective qualities. They are open to new adventures and are always up for a fetch game. They are also used to water and can become a great pool games companion. With the right training they will become a friend and a watchdog for your kid, so you can have a peace of mind when they are both playing in the yard.

7. Beagles
This breed can’t stand the thought of being alone. They survive in packs, so your family will become the most important part of their lives. Take them for active walks, morning runs, to social events and leave them alone with kids — Beagles will keep the things active, creative and fun.

8. Irish Wolfhound
Looking at this breed and its history, you might never consider them a family breed. These dogs used to be war dogs, but today, Irish Wolfhound is an active breed, that enjoys being around people. They will equally enjoy lying on the couch whole day and walking in the park, but you need to make sure they are active to maintain their health.

9. Golden Retriever
Perhaps, the first breed that comes to mind when talking about kid-friendly dogs. Golden Retrievers will shower the kids with love and encourage them to play games and get active. They are intelligent, friendly, loyal and take no time to get comfortable with all the family members.

10. Brittany
These dogs prefer to stay busy. They are also very task oriented, meaning they take even the silliest games very seriously. Spend as much time as you can with Brittanys because these dogs can’t survive without constant challenge and strong companionship.

11. Curly-Coated Retriever
Take them to the park or enjoy a movie together, Curly-Coated Retrievers enjoy athletic activities, but also don’t mind calm evenings with the family. They are easily trained and their curly coat is easy to care for.

12. Basset Hound
Another hunting dog, Basset Hound will stay with your family and kids no matter what. They tend to get very attached to their families and will make sure everyone is safe. They can be a bit hard to train, but with the right approach, you will get an amazing companion for your kids, who will tolerate their craziest shenanigans.

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