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12 Best Dog Breeds for Active People

12 Best Dog Breeds for Active People

October 9th

There is no better companion for the great outdoors than a dog.

Dogs are loyal, caring, protective pets who are always up for a fun game. However, not all dog breeds boast excellent physic, and even if they do, some prefer relaxed non-challenging environments.

So before you get a new puppy in hopes for an active camping companion, check out this list of best dog breeds for active people. Or simply scan the list quickly to see that an Australian Labradoodle puppy for sale might be exactly what you need.

1. Australian Labradoodle

Labradoodles excel at water sports. They are also great at search-and-rescue and as guides. Because of their Poodle genes, Labradoodles can be seen as cute and creative, but they are also extremely intelligent and strong. They can endure any type of activity but tend to favor sociable environments and exciting challenging games.

2. Goldendoodle

Active and energetic, Goldendoodles are highly trainable and sociable. They become very attached to their families, especially kids. So if you want to keep your kid healthy and active, getting a Goldendoodle puppy for sale would be a great start. Your dog will keep things fun, creative and busy, thus encouraging a healthy family lifestyle.

3. Labrador Retriever

Retrievers are best dogs for wild adventures because they make you feel safe and comfortable. They are also incredibly smart, love to be out in nature and play with their owners. They are beautiful dogs with mild temperaments. Originally bred for hunting, they are not afraid to get into the water, and will be your best companion whether in the wilderness of the forest or on an isolated beach.

4. Vizsla

Vizslas can brighten up the darkest days with their affectionate gaze, energetic attitude and positive outlook on life. They are loyal to their owners and don’t need a leash to walk by your side if properly trained. They have a short coat which makes them susceptible to cold, but if you wrap them in a wool blanket you two can enjoy endless chilly nights under the stars.

5. Collie

Collies are a well-rounded breed that can endure difficult weather conditions due to their lavish coat. They are also intelligent, loyal, and know how to use their herding skills to guide the way. Take them for long runs in the vast green fields and challenge them with difficult hiking trails.

6. Portuguese Water Dog

Most dogs don’t like water but not the Portuguese Water Dog. This breed has a rich fishing and swimming background. They are the only dog breed that actually enjoys long boat trips. They can’t stand the thought of being alone, so keep them by your side, do some fun activities together and marvel at the beauty of nature.

7. German Shorthair Pointer

Pointers make for great companions, whether you’re running in the park or wade your way through the jungle. Brought up to hunt quail, Pointers have a quick reaction, are full of energy and are incredibly hard working. They are also loyal and protective of their owners.

8. Australian Cattledog

Muscular and smart, this breed has everything it takes to become your best sports companion. It’s the balance of intelligence, endurance and immense enthusiasm that makes these dogs so appealing to every sports lover. Aussies keep the goal in mind and won’t give up until they reach the final destination.

9. Rhodesian Ridgeback

They have a serious determined look on their faces because Rhodesian Ridgebacks love to go out into the wild in a search for food…or lions. These dogs were originally bred for hunting lions in the African desert, so make sure you take them somewhere warm. They wouldn’t mind hiking or running, as long as the sun is shining and the temperatures are high.

10. Australian Shepherd

Do you want a hiking buddy who will feel at home even on the top of Everest? These dogs were used as cattle dogs and possess an uncanny ability to navigate the rough terrain of the land with ease. Activities such as hiking and camping suit this breed perfectly.

11. Bernese Mountain Dog

Smart, devoted and well-mannered, Bernese Mountain Dogs are the happiest when they can be of service to others. Give them a backpack to carry and a freedom to go wherever you go, and they will follow you to the farthest corners of the Earth, or to the nearest park. These dogs are active but prefer short sprints rather than long exhausting marathons.

12. Siberian Husky

The popularity of this breed soared due to their resemblance to direwolves from the Game of Thrones. Who would not want to imagine himself the King in the North with a tall silvery wolf by their side? These dogs are used to blistering winds and extra-cold winters, so they will be a perfect companion during long winter camping trips. When the summer comes, they tend to lose their energetic demeanor, since their thick coat is quite a nuisance on hot summer days.

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