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9 Things Your Labrador Retriever Wishes You’d Ask Your Vet

9 Things Your Labrador Retriever Wishes You’d Ask Your Vet

You may want to rush your new Labrador Retriever home as soon as possible. But before you pick out the perfect puppy, you should find a vet that can take care of your dog’s health needs.

It can be tricky to find the right vet. Do some research before you choose, asking for recommendations from friends and family. Also check online reviews to see if the vet has a good reputation in the area.

Once you’ve found a vet you think is right for your Lab, you should be prepared for their first visit. Here are some questions you need to ask.

1. What vaccinations does your Lab need?

Depending on where you get your dog, they may require a range of vaccines. Make sure that you get full immunization records from the breeder so that your vet knows what your puppy is still missing.

Some Labs may need to get a few additional vaccines, especially if you live in certain areas. Ask the vet if vaccines for Lyme disease, bordella, or leptospirosis are right for your dog.

2. What parasites should you keep an eye out for?

Labs are curious creatures, and they’ll bury their nose in just about anything. That’s why it’s important that you ask about any parasites in your area that could be dangerous to your dog.

Most vets will give your Lab some form of deworming medication, which can protect against a wide range of common parasites. Ask about any symptoms of parasites you should keep an eye out for.

3. Does the office have emergency service?

Not every vet office will be able to provide care in the case of an emergency, or the services they do offer will be limited. Make sure you know in advance what your vet can and can’t do.

Ask them if they take walk ins, and how long you can expect to wait to see the vet in the event of an emergency.

You should also get a recommendation for where to take your dog should they require emergency care.

4. How late is the vet open? Are they open on weekends?

If your vet does offer emergency service, you still need to know when they’re open. Many vet offices will not stay open all night, and may have limited staff on weekends.

If your vet does not stay open late, ask them which 24 hour animal hospital in the area they recommend.

5. Do they work with pet insurance?

Pet insurance can protect you financially should your dog need expensive care. Although pet insurance can help, most policies will still require that you pay a significant amount of money out of pocket, and some vets may not accept insurance.

Make sure that you and your vet are on the same page from day one when it comes to insurance. Ask them if they work with insurance companies directly, or if you’ll have to submit vet bills on your own to the insurer.

6. Which flea and tick medication should you choose?

There are quite a few flea and tick medications on the market, and the one that’s right for your dog will depend on where you live. Ask your vet which products they recommend for your Lab.

7. Is your Lab growing at a healthy rate?

Not all labs will grow at the same rate, and some will end up heavier than others. This can make it difficult to know if your Lab is at a healthy weight. During your first visit, ask the vet if your Lab is growing at a healthy rate

8. How often will you need to bring in your Lab?

You should also discuss a timetable for future checkups. Most vets will want to see your dog every few months if they are still young to complete their immunizations and check their weight.

9. When should your Lab be spayed or neutered?

In most cases, vets will recommend that your lab be spayed or neutered. Ask them when they want to perform the procedure, as well as how much it will cost.

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