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Smart Questions Every Goldendoodle Owner Needs to Ask Their Vet

Smart Questions Every Goldendoodle Owner Needs to Ask Their Vet

If you’ve just brought your new Goldendoodle puppy home, the last thing you’ll want to think about is going to the vet. But it’s important that you establish a relationship with a vet and make sure that your puppy has proper medical care.

Finding a good vet can be tough. There are many practitioners out there, but not all of them offer quality care. Make sure you do your research before you choose a vet, and try to find as many reviews as possible. You should also speak to friends and family with dogs to see if they like their vet.

Vets also differ in their approaches, with some relying on medication more than others. Make sure that your vet’s approach aligns with yours.

Questions You Should Ask Your Vet

Before your first vet visit, make sure you have a list of questions prepared. Here are some of the most important questions you should ask the vet during your Goldendoodle’s first visit.

What vaccinations does your Goldendoodle need?

Depending on where you live, you’ll need to get different vaccines for your Goldendoodle. Check with your vet on which vaccines are required and which are optional. You’ll have to get your Goldendoodle vaccinated from rabies, distemper, and canine parvovirus-2.

What parasites are common in your area?

There are many different parasites that can affect your dogs. These tend to vary widely depending on where you live. Your vet will deworm your do during your first visit, and you should also ask about any other parasites that your dog may be exposed to. They can advise you on the symptoms of common parasites and how you can avoid them.

What procedures and services does the vet offer?

Vets often offer a wide range of different services. Some can do just about everything, from standard checkups to emergency care. Others may just perform basic examinations. Make sure you know what your vet office offers, in case you need to seek more extensive care for your Goldendoodle and need a referral to

Where can you seek emergency medical care for your Goldendoodle?

Not every vet office will be able to offer emergency medical care onsite. You should check with your vet about what services they offer, and where you can go in case of a health emergency.

Also make sure you ask about when the office is open, as some vets will not offer emergency care on weekends.

How much should your Goldendoodle weigh?

There is no one weight that will be right for every Goldendoodle puppy. Your vet can work with you to track your Goldendoodle’s weight and make sure that they are healthy. They can also make adjustments to your puppy’s diet if they are over or underweight.

What dog food is right for your Goldendoodle?

There are many different dog foods that are targeted at puppies. However, many of these brands aren’t high quality, and may not give your Goldendoodle enough nutrition.

Speak to your vet about the best dog food brands for your Goldendoodle. They can also help you come up with a feeding schedule, as well as advise you on how much you should be feeding your puppy.

Which flea and tick medication should you choose?

Even if you live in the city, you should consider protecting your Goldendoodle from fleas and ticks. There are many great options for flea and tick medications. Your vet can help you find the right medicine for your Goldendoodle.

Will they accept your pet insurance?

Many dog owners turn to pet insurance to protect themselves financially should anything happen to their dog. However, not all vets will accept pet insurance. Speak with your vet about pet insurance, and ask them if there are any insurance providers that they work with.

How often should your dog come in to the office?

Your puppy will need to come back into the vet’s office for regular checkups. Speak to your vet about how often you’ll have to come in, and also ask about vaccination schedules.

What about spaying or neutering?

Most vets will recommend that you spay or neuter your Goldendoodle. You should check with your vet about when they want to perform the procedure.

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