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CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures: How Does It Work?

CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures: How Does It Work?

February 22nd

Epilepsy can be devastating for you and your dog, and people are often surprised at just how common seizures can be for our canine companions. Here’s how CBD oil can help.

As with humans, there are several prescription drugs available to manage seizures—but just like human medications, these drugs can have potentially harmful side effects for your pet.

Luckily, we have more natural alternatives available—namely, CBD oil (not to be confused with cannabis oil for dogs with epilepsy).

But first, a bit more on epilepsy…

What Are Seizures? Can Dogs Get Epilepsy?

Seizures are a symptom of several conditions that can affect your dog’s spinal cord, brain, and the rest of your pooch’s nervous system. One of the most common diseases that can trigger seizures is called epilepsy, which interferes with the proper functioning of your dog’s neurons.

Neurons are very special cells that your brain uses to communicate with the rest of your body. When diseases like epilepsy affect your dog’s neurons, they can cause seizures (in varying frequency and severity).

Some seizures can be small, causing brief and subtle symptoms like rapid eye movement, staring or hyperventilation.

Unfortunately, many seizures are severe—shaking, tremors, loss of consciousness and more are all possible.

For dogs, the most common seizure symptoms include:

  • Sudden collapse
  • Excessive foaming at the mouth or drooling
  • Paddling—lying on the floor and moving the legs like your dog is in water
  • Whining and barking
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Jerking and twitching
  • Dazed or confused appearance
  • Stiffness
  • Loss of consciousness

Epilepsy causes the communication pathways within your dog’s body to fire rapidly and irregularly, which can ultimately end with a seizure.

Although seizures are temporary, they can sometimes seem to last forever. Let’s take a look at epilepsy in particular—the most common cause of canine seizures.

What Is Epilepsy in Dogs?

Epilepsy is neurological condition that is usually incurable. The main symptom of epilepsy is recurring seizures.

In dogs, the cause of epilepsy varies, but it’s usually brought on by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

For example, some breeds—like German Shepherds, Beagles or Cocker Spaniels—are more likely to suffer from epilepsy.

In other dogs, epilepsy can be brought on by metabolic problems like low blood sugar or failure of the kidneys and liver.

Can CBD Oil Help Manage Seizures in Dogs?

Finally, some good news—there is growing evidence to support CBD oil as a supplement for managing canine seizures. So strong, in fact, that the American Epilepsy Society has officially stated that CBD helps reduce epileptic seizures.

You can read more about their study here, but one of the key takeaways is this:

“CBD helps reduce both the frequency and severity of seizures, sometimes by as much as 45%.”

Additional studies have shown that a small number of patients even became totally seizure-free after regular CBD treatment.

While the exact mechanisms by which CBD can manage seizures is unclear, we do know that dogs and humans have very similar endocannabinoid systems, meaning dogs typically enjoy the same benefits of CBD that people do.

Can I Use CBD to Treat My Dog’s Seizures?

Although MOST research on CBD oil has been conducted on either lab animals or humans, remember that dogs have an endocannabinoid system, like humans.

In fact, countless vets and dog-lovers have begun treating their pets with CBD oil—not just for epilepsy, but for a variety of other symptoms, too.

And no, CBD for dogs with epilepsy is NOT marijuana—so don’t worry about your dog getting high.

That’s because the majority of great CBD supplements (like ours) are made with hemp, not marijuana.

And the best news for your dog is that canines need a smaller dose of CBD than humans, meaning they can enjoy its benefits far easier than we can.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBD to Treat Seizures in Dogs?

As you probably know, there are many, many anticonvulsant medications available for your dog. So why bother with CBD oil for dogs with seizures? Why wouldn’t you stick with Diazapem, Potassium Bromide or Phenobarbital?

That’s because (unlike all of these man-made drugs), CBD causes very few side effects.

In fact, the majority of pet owners report no negative changes in their dog’s health after using CBD oil.

Besides that, we typically treat CBD oil as a supplement rather than a medication, meaning you should be able to use it alongside your preferred seizure medication.

How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs with Epilepsy

The most effective way to give your dog CBD oil is by administering drops underneath your pooch’s tongue, although this can sometimes be difficult. If so, try dropping the supplement onto your pet’s food.

Although you may have to make adjustments, your average “baseline” dosage for most breeds and CBD brands is 2-4 drops, 2-4 times per day.

Bottom line? There’s no ideal dose for every dog—follow the directions on your product and see how your dog feels. CBD is non-toxic, so don’t stress about getting it perfect your first time!

Do Dogs Actually Get Results from CBD Oil?

Yes. CBD oil is not one of those “miracle” cures you see on late-night TV—it won’t fix every single one of your dog’s health issues overnight and make him or her as healthy as a puppy.

But for countless dog owners, CBD oil has made the difference between watching their pet suffer constantly from conditions like epilepsy, and watching them enjoy life once again.

If you’re searching for a more natural way to decrease the severity and frequency of your pal’s convulsions and seizures, you can’t do better than CBD oil.

And as more and more evidence piles up supporting the health benefits of this incredible supplement, we hope more and more owners will share their success stories with us. Every little bit matters!

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